A hollow where several hills tumble together was to be the nesting place of the pleasant little hamlet of Depauville. Nature made this spot unusually beautiful and extremely productive. The hills were densely clad with maple, elm, beach, oak and walnut. A shining stream, with abrupt curves and a tumbling waterfall, wended its way peacefully among the hills. It was, and still is, a region of great scenic beauty. The splendor of sunsets bathed in red and gold and the flaming yellow of the sunrise can scarcely be matched anywhere.
-Introduction to The Changing Years: A History of Depauville, compiled by the Depauville Bicentennial Committee, printed by Benjamin Printing, Watertown, New York, 2004.

Depauville Free Library & Community Center
32333 County Route 179
Depauville, NY 13632
Phone: 315-686-3299
Website: www.depauvillefreelibrary.org
Director: Kate Wehrle

Depauville Volunteer Fire Department

15191 School Street
Depauville, NY 13632
Non-Emergency Phone: 315-686-5274
Website: www.depauvillefd.org

Depauville Sewer District
Contact: William Sherman, Sewer Operator
Phone: 315-686-3512, option 6

Depauville Sewer Ordinance v2019

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